JING, Guoqing

  Department of Civil Engineering,
  Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, China

  Publications and Citations


Dr. Jing is professor of Beijing Jiaotong University, and working as Guest Professor for UMP, and side-worked as deputy director of State Key Lab of Waterproof of China, top 3 company in the world. Prof. Jing is Committee member of Zhejiang Key Lab of Robot, as well as Shenhao technology senior consultant for railway robot and drone, rank top 3 in robot industry of China infrastructure inspection.

Prof. Jing former interests were in testing and modeling of ballasted track structure and maintenance, i.e.,(1) Sleeper ballast aggregates interactions, 3D characterization of ballast using imaging and laser techniques, as well as GPR in railway system. (2) Recycled material for modern ballasted track and innovate structure, i.e., composite sleeper, under sleeper pad or hybrid sleeper, analyses of recycled materials into ballasted track such as tire rubber, asphalt, glass, fiber into concrete sleeper, and even modern steel sleeper. (3) Modeling of ballast using discrete and finite element methods, and mechanistic based design. Recently, Prof.Jing and his team focus on railway infrastructure advanced methods of inspection and evaluation, such as GPR, railway robot and drone, as well as traditional solutions.

Prof. Jing has served as independent investigator on over 20 research projects with grants received from NSFC, CRC,CREC,CRCC,CCCC government and railway related industry, with SCI publications of 70+ and citation of 1000. Prof. Jing is invited as chief consultant for Mexico, Iran, Russia HSR and Tanzania railway projects.