Tool path planning of ball-end milling of free-form surfaces as a search algorithm




Working diameter, Ball-end tool, Free-form surface, Surface roughness, Three-axis milling


This paper introduces an innovative approach for generating three-axis CNC tool paths for machining free-form surfaces. The method is designed to minimize variations in the effective tool diameter, addressing a common challenge encountered when using ball-end tools for machining free-form surfaces. These surfaces exhibit varying inclinations, leading to fluctuations in the tool’s working diameter from one point to another, resulting in inconsistent cutting speeds and milling parameters despite a constant spindle speed. Consequently, the machined surface tends to lack uniformity. In contrast to conventional tool path planning techniques, the proposed method calculates the working diameter at each adjacent point and guides the tool’s movement towards the point where the smallest change in working diameter is anticipated. This approach reduces fluctuations in cutting speed and promotes the generation of a more homogeneous surface.


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