OEE measurement at the automotive semi-automatic assembly lines


  • Peter Dobra Adient Hungary Kft, Hammerstein u. 2, 8060 Mór, Hungary
  • János Jósvai Széchenyi István University, Department of Vehicle Manufacturing Egyetem tér 1, 9026 Győr, Hungary




KPI, OEE, MES, assembly line


Manufacturing companies continuously evaluate their achieved performance based on different Key Performance Indicators (KPI). This article gives an overview about the OEE values. The study aims to provide practical OEE data of semi-automatic assembly lines used in the automotive industry. Its novelty is the revealed relationship between seat assembly lines and seat subassembly lines. Firstly, a literature review shows the scientific relevance and several cases are collected to increase OEE percentage. Secondly, the connection between chassis, tracks, recliner and mechanism assembly lines is described. Each part of OEE (availability, performance, quality) are analysed in terms of their impact.


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