Traffic Analysis of Specific Motorways with Different Usage Characteristics in Hungary with the Method of Section Control


  • Zsolt Sándor KTI Institute for Transport Sciences Non-profit Ltd, 1119 Budapest, Than Károly u. 3-5, Hungary
  • Ákos Monostori Glowbyte Consulting, 20004 Minsk, vulica Klary Cetkin 51, Belarus



section control, speed enforcement, control method, speed control


This article presents the result of the large-scale average speed analysis made in Hungary at two motorways in 12 different sections. During the analysis speeds of normal and reduced operations were analysed. This is the first analysis in Hungary which is based on real traffic data. Data from the enforcement system of the road usage right were used and these data were provided by the Hungarian National Toll Payment Service Plc. Results have shown that the majority of the drivers are not obey the speed limits, which has huge risk on traffic safety.


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