Sensitivity Study of a Nonlinear Semi-Active Suspension System

  • Flóra Hajdu Department of Mechatronics and Machine Design, Széchenyi István University
Keywords: sensitivity analysis, numerical simulation, nonlinear system modelling


In this paper the OAT (one-at-a-time) sensitivity analysis of a nonlinear semi-active suspension system is carried out with numerical simulation. A specific property of the system is chosen for measure sensitivity, which can be calculated with numerical simulations easily. Both the sensitivity of the system and the input parameters were examined. The degree of sensitivity was measured with a sensitivity index and based on it sensitivity Fuzzy-sets were established. A simple method to reduce sensitivity of a certain parameter is also proposed.


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Hajdu, F. (2019) “Sensitivity Study of a Nonlinear Semi-Active Suspension System”, Acta Technica Jaurinensis, 12(3), pp. pp. 205-217. doi: 10.14513/actatechjaur.v12.n3.505.
Vehicle, Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics