Methods of Vector Control for Induction Motors

  • László Varga Szechenyi Istvan University
  • Miklós Kuczmann
Keywords: induction motor, vector control, Field Oriented Control


This paper presents the electrical and mathematical models of the three phase asynchronous motors along with the introduction of the field-oriented control model as well as the vector transformations needed for the introduction of the above mentioned terms. The objective of the present paper is to introduce the space vectors and how to build the field-oriented control for a given induction motor drive as well as the transformations and the modell of field oriented control.


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Varga, L. and Kuczmann, M. (2018) “Methods of Vector Control for Induction Motors”, Acta Technica Jaurinensis, 11(4), pp. pp. 165-184. doi: 10.14513/actatechjaur.v11.n4.470.
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering