Mimo Decoupling Control Using a Youla- Parametrized Regulator

  • Cs. Bányász
  • L. Keviczky
Keywords: MIMO processes, YOULA-parametrization, KB-parametrization, decoupling control


It is interesting to investigate how a decoupling controller can be designed. The YOULA-parametrization is a simple method to design controllers. The KB-parametrization is a successful extension of this method for twodegree- of-freedom (TDOF) systems. The paper extends this methodology for multivariable case after summarizing the classical TFM based methods. Interesting examples are also given including a decoupling lateral control application.


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Bányász, C. and Keviczky, L. (2013) “Mimo Decoupling Control Using a Youla- Parametrized Regulator”, Acta Technica Jaurinensis, 6(5), pp. pp. 3-20. Available at: https://acta.sze.hu/index.php/acta/article/view/246 (Accessed: 20September2019).
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering