Pedestrian Traffic and the Closed Inner Courtyards in the 21st Century

  • L. Jóna
Keywords: inner courtyards, pedestrians, traffic, traffic counting, passageway, courtyard functions, traffic density, traffic performance, pedestrian characteristics, public open space, network


In the significant part of the historical city centers can be found such buildings which having inner courtyards. In many cases these courtyards will be opened to the pedestrian traffic, which thanks to in the courtyards smaller shops, stores are created. But not just shops, but also depending on the size of the courtyard such another functions as playground, terrace, restaurant, ice cream shop, etc. also could be located in it. In the future more and more people will be living in cities, and one possible way the increase of open public spaces in the city centers the opening of the inner courtyard houses, primarily to the pedestrian traffic. Therefore this study is looking for the answer that an inner courtyard house how could join in to the historical city centers open public spaces network. How much are used in them can be found functions, and how much traffic have they.


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