A Fuzzy Approach for Finding an Ideal Location of Industrial Park Area

  • P. Böröcz
  • B. Filep
Keywords: facility location, decision making, fuzzy objective function


The volume of the development of the industrial areas is highly influenced by the country, the region, the area and the city. The investment, the settlement and infrastructure are basic conditions, but the qualification, the developing ability and the enterprise of the labour are also essential in the long run. The aim of the model presented in this paper is to determined how to investigate the potential of a given area. The developed model can be a decision-making tool, which can be applied in a given urban planning. This tool applies multi-criteria evaluation in order to analyze the suitability of different areas to locate a new industrial area. The question is what kind of strategy, calculations and decision-supporting models help the business enterprises to designate their park or settling in an industrial area. The asymmetric representation of fuzzy exponents is able to handle the human thinking driven uncertainty like loss aversion and other possibilistic features of socio-economic decisions


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Böröcz, P. and Filep, B. (2009) “A Fuzzy Approach for Finding an Ideal Location of Industrial Park Area”, Acta Technica Jaurinensis, 2(3), pp. pp. 493-500. Available at: https://acta.sze.hu/index.php/acta/article/view/185 (Accessed: 14December2019).
Transportation Science, Logistics and Agricultural Engineering