Prediction of Electromagnetic Fields around High Voltage Transmission Lines

G A Kulkarni, W Z Gandhare



The electric and magnetic fields are present around the High Voltage Transmisssion Lines (HVTL) and reported to affect health of the workers working on these hotlines. The key parameter reportedly responsible for detrimental health effects, are internal induced fields in body. Induction of internal fields in different organs is heavily dependent on the external fields. Prediction of hazardous levels of external fields before measurement or in situations difficult for direct measurement will lead to identify the restrictive situations and working conditions for hotline workers. This work propose a method to model electric and magnetic field for different climbing routes using hybrid technique, formed by combining support vector machine (SVM) and neural network (NN) and also electric field and magnetic field values are predicted using NN for increase in tower height. The result shows the performance of proposed method for prediction of electric field and magnetic field for increase in tower height.


climbing routes, support vector machines, neural network, hybrid data mining approach

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